Ekiden: Only the Strong

Para la presentación de la colección USTAFF, Nike ha realizado este vídeo donde aparece un grupo de corredores japoneses practicando Ekiden, término Japonés para las carreras de relevos que se realizan comúnmente por carretera. El vídeo va acompañado por las siguientes palabras:

History, was made.
Records, broken.
And yet, it is never enough.
Starting tomorrow, everything begins again.

This, is no ordinary race.
This is the EKIDEN.
All those who came before us know.
And now we,
the newest members of this brotherhood,
own this knowledge.

What we do with this knowledge,
the inspiration we gained,
will forever define us.

The price of victory is great.
And yet, we choose this life.

If we are to be remembered,
it is only bec ause we will never forget.

Only the dedicated
Only the determined.
Only those brave enough, will know…


Más información sobre la colección USTAFF aquí.

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