Barcelona – Class Contrasts by Daniel Brokstad

Siempre me he preguntado cuál es la forma en la que la gente de otros países ve nuestras ciudades. Daniel Brokstad, diseñador gráfico, fotografo e ilustrador Noruego muestra con esta obra fotográfica las sensaciones que obtuvo en su viaje a la ciudad catalana de Barcelona. Una ciudad en la que, para el, se muestran claramente los contrastes entre la riqueza y la pobreza.

« During my short stay in Barcelona and already within the first day it was quite clear to me that Barcelona was a city of contrast, in more than just one aspect of the word. It’s quite the tourist place, and it has nice buildings and locations, but you don’t need to even walk into any dodgy back alley to see all the huslters walking around to trick some stupid tourists or snatch their wallet. But when the night actually comes around and you do happen to walk in the alleyways, it’s almost absurd how frequently you’ll be bombared with offers of everything from the illegal scene. From all the drugs you can imagine to completely ongoing hookers that are pretty much begging you for sex(and money). »



Me gustan las zapatillas y me paso varias horas al día hablando de ellas. Dentro y fuera de la web.

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